Thinking about tomorrow

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Especially in difficult times,
new food for thought is important.

Permanent oversourcing and less and less understanding of locality are a thing of the past and will not help us to reconcile business and society. That is why we are calling for an initiative in which we are showing that not only Tyrol is on it, but also Tyrol is inside. It should be understandable, clear and fair, so that our children also know that limitless thinking is good, but local action definitely has more sustainability to show. We have thought, think about tomorrow and make a contribution to the best conscience and permanent product availability.

Join us on this path!

Products with the BRUTAL LOCAL label have to fulfil certain criteria. A Brutal Local product has least 90% added value in Austria and the traceability of the procurement has to be comprehensible to 100 percent. A Brutal Local product is manufactured according to the highest production standards. Full-time year jobs as a basis and the 365-day product availability (NOS product) are also part of the label concept.

Brutal local products

made by Kohla

Width: 59mm