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There are many, very many climbing skins? But which fur is perfect for you? To make the selection a little easier, we decided to develop four different skins for four different user groups.

No summit is high enough for you? Alpinist is ideal for alpine ski tours in the high mountains and off-piste – even at low temperatures. The pure Mohair skin guarantees perfect climbing and gliding properties and provides perfect grip even on cold days.

Freeride - maximum freedom for ski tours! On newly groomed slopes, fresh snow, or a mixture of both – with the Freeride skin freedom is in your hands. The premium Mixmohair is suitable for ever kind of terrain and all types of snow.

With Race you will reach your goal even faster! Sometimes it’s all about the speed. Race will get you there faster, with 100% Mohair, in-house wax finish, Smart Glue adhesive for lighning fast application and removal and highly precise laser cut edges.

Vertical - precision meets flexibility. Whether it is on the slopes or in open terrain, or a combination oft he two – Vertical ist he allrounder among ski skins. Available in two adhesive varieties, waterproof, made of Mixmohair and fully adaptable.

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