How to cut your climbing skins


Cutting the Kohla climbing skin: The step-by-step guide

We show you in our step-by-step instructions how you can cut your universal climbing skins from Kohla yourself. With our tips it is guaranteed to succeed.

Nothing works without climbing skins when ski touring. If you don't just want to ski down the mountain with your touring skis or splitboard, but also want to go up, you can't get around skins, unless you want to carry your skis or splitboard on your back and trudge up in deep snow.

Choice of skins

Our Kohla ski skins are available as pre-cut versions. All models are also available for self-cutting as so-called cut-to-size skins. When selecting your Kohla climbing skin, the first step is to choose a model from our different series Alpinist, Freeride, Race and Vertical , each of which has been optimized for different applications and users. How to find the perfect ski skin for you, we show you in here!

When choosing the right climbing skin to cut, be sure to pay attention to the length and edge width. For touring skis with a pronounced waist, the selected skin should be at least as wide as the widest part. You can easily measure the edge width with a ruler.

If you have now decided on a ski touring skin, you can start. In the following instructions we show you step by step how you can cut the Kohla ski skin yourself. Here we also have a video in which we show you how to cut your skin:

1. Material, tools and accessories

 Overview: These are the materials you need to cut the skin.
  • cut fur with separating foil - fur bag - Knife (e.g. the included KOHLA cutter knife)
  • fastening system
  • ruler
  • brush
  • clamping device
Open your Kohla box. Inside you will find a cutter knife, a description of the respective ski skin including mounting instructions, a skin bag, depending on the type of touring ski you have, the appropriate mounting system for mounting and, of course, the cut-to-size skin itself along with the release liner. In addition, you need a ruler and a clean brush. It is best to clamp your skis so that they are stable during the cutting process and cannot slip.

2. Attaching the cutting skin

First, remove the skin from the foil and attach it to the ski tip using the front fastening system (bracket). With one hand, stretch the skin flat along the base of the touring ski, and with the other hand, smooth it out in the middle of the ski. It is important to ensure that the Kohla climbing skin has the same distance to the ski edges on the left and right. You can check this by turning the ski over and using a ruler to measure the distance from the edge of the ski to the edge of the skin on both sides.

3. Adjusting the Elastic Strap

Next, adjust the attachment, the Kohla Elastic Strap, to the touring ski or splitboard. Tighten the Elastic Strap so that the ski touring skin is slightly on tension when the Elastic Strap "snaps" into place. Afterwards, smooth the climbing skin once again.

4. Cutting the skin

Take the cutter knife and extend the blade to a length of 2 to 3 cm. Start cutting from the front to the back of the ski. If you don't do this, you will cut against the direction in which the fur pile is woven. This can irreparably damage the ski touring skin. Place the knife a few centimeters before the first fur contact on the edge.
Hold it at a 45° angle and cut along the edge of the ski in one stroke. This is important so that the touring ski skin does not protrude over the edge. The edge must remain free so that it can provide you with lateral support during the ascent on the ski tour. Now repeat the same procedure on the other side of the climbing skin. Also be careful not to accidentally damage the base of your touring ski when cutting along the edge with the knife.

5. removing hair residues

Now brush the touring skin a few times so that no loose hairs remain on the skin. Loosen the Elastic Strap and pull the skin down to the middle of the ski and place it on the back of the other half of the skin (back to back). To do this, it is recommended to spray the cut edges with a waterproofing agent to protect your touring ski skins from moisture penetration. This is especially recommended in wet snow when ski touring in the spring. We will show you how to impregnate your Kohla climbing skins in another article and video.

6. Cutting the separating foil

In this position, the release liner can now be easily attached to the adhesive side. Let the foil stick out a few centimeters and then cut it straight with the knife. Now pull the rest of the ski skin off the touring ski and stick it onto the foil.
Done -
Your KOHLA skin is ready to use. Please stow the skin directly in the supplied skin bag, so it is protected from dirt and dust.

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