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With KOHLA Greenline products, you not only care for your touring skins in an environmentally conscious way, but now also experience your spring tours without problems and without annoying glopping up. Our Greenline products are made of biodegradable substances and are very close to the conventional skin care products if we look on the performance. But the big difference is, that they are safe for the environment. Our mountains are close to our hearts, and that is why we worked together with the UNI Innsbruck on a this project. Now we can present the Greenline, care products that every environmentally conscious ski touring enthusiast can use without a bad conscience.

The Green Line contains four different products. The Skin Impregnation care product is an ideal wax for all ski touring skins and fur skins. The ski wax makes the skins faster and prevents glopping. The Skin & Ski Base Cleaner is a universal cleaner for ski skins and ski bases. Anti Snow Spray can be applied on the ski surface and ski touring boots. This reduces snow adhesion and the snow does not stick to the ski surface and the ski touring boots. The fourth product of the Green Line is the skin wax. It is used for skin treatment, rubbing throughout the shole area.

Our Greenline products

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