KOHLA Hiking backpacks

Reliable companions in all seasons

Hiking backpacks are the equipment par excellence that is needed on hikes. After all, they contain everything you need on the move. They should be comfortable, robust, waterproof, lightweight and at the same time have plenty of volume. Our KOHLA hiking backpacks make it possible.

According to the different requirements of the backpack carrier, our models are developed and designed. For example a leisure backpack that is used as a permanent companion requires simpler equipment than a hiking backpack with a large volume for multi-day tours. The focus is clearly on the optimal wearing comfort and the processing of high-quality materials that are durable and do not fade.



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Hiking backpacks for day and multi-day tours

The afternoon tour through the forest in the low mountain range requires hardly any equipment besides something to drink and the rain jacket. If the tour leads through uninhabited terrain, the first aid kit should not be missing. Day tours are conceivable in the low mountain range, in the lowlands and in the high mountains. There alpine pastures are visited, summits are climbed or panoramic tours are chosen. Climbing routes can also be included in a day tour. On day tours you also have to think of enough snacks. In the high mountains, not only a map is useful, but also warm clothing. The trekking tour of several days in the high mountains requires everything needed for a week, from sleeping bag to climbing equipment to emergency provisions, from cosmetics to a change of clothes to a towel.

Which size for which tour?

KOHLA hiking backpacks are available with a capacity of 16 to 38 liters. For simple day trips and excursions without much extra luggage, backpacks with a capacity of up to 23 liters are sufficient. If either a lot of equipment is needed or the tour is longer, backpacks with a size of 23 liters and more are recommended.

The convenient Challenger backpack is ideal for small tours. The sporty Active series and the basic models of the Alpine series cover the medium-sized segment. KOHLA Track series backpacks are available in three different volumes. The Track 23+ is a top hiking backpack perfectly suited for simple day trips and leisure activities in general. The two Track models 28+ and 38+ are designed for longer hikes and hut tours.


The durable Dobby nylon outer material used to make KOHLA hiking backpacks is lightweight and extremely tear-resistant. It absorbs little water and dries quickly and does not fade. Thus, it offers the advantages of a modern outer material for outdoor equipment.

Wearing comfort

Ergonomic, padded shoulder straps distribute pressure on the shoulders and prevent unpleasant pressure points, even under heavy load. The chest strap prevents the shoulder straps from slipping, ensuring a comfortable fit. The hip belt takes some of the load from the shoulders and transfers it to the hips. Both straps also provide a stable fit in steep terrain. In addition, the hand loops (on the Track series) provide further wearing comfort.

KOHLA Rucksackgrößen Grafik

Back systems for KOHLA hiking backpacks

KOHLA hiking backpacks use a variety of functional back systems. The Air Vent System is based on a stretched mesh in the back area. This ensures optimal ventilation and breathability and a perfect no-sweat feeling. The Air Vent System is used, for example, in the Active models.

The Air Flow back system is a six-point contact system. The six contact surfaces ensure optimum pressure distribution with great freedom of movement and good ventilation. The Air Flow back system is used in the Challenger backpacks.

The Air Lite system is particularly comfortable and space-saving due to its flat design. It combines breathability with carrying comfort. Backpacks with the Air Lite system can be packed particularly well and are extremely comfortable. The Air Lite system is used in the backpacks of the Track series.

KOHLA Rückensysteme grafik
KOHLA Wanderrucksäcke Track 38 zwei Männer am Berg

Fastening options

Depending on the pursued purpose, different ways to attach or stow equipment are useful. Side pockets for drinking bottles are practical for any tour. An outlet for a drinking tube is the professional version. An attachment for poles is useful, at least in the high mountains. An extra glasses pocket prevents breakage at the glasses. Key clips, top cases and integrated security compartments ensure safe storage of valuables.

Backpack accessories and spare parts

Even the best backpack lets moisture in if the weather is just wet enough. In this case, a rain cover for the backpack, which is available from KOHLA as an extra accessory, will help. To make the backpack enjoyable for a long time, spare parts such as straps and buckles are also available separately. In short videos there are the instructions on how to install the spare parts.

Further information

In our mountain moments blog you will find many tips & tricks and guides around the topics of mountain sports. We give you useful instructions on how to correctly wash your backpack or which backpack size is best for the kids. Just have a look!