Yes - even a climbing skin needs care!

"Why isn't my skin holding up anymore?"
"Ohh no! There's a huge chunk of snow stuck to my touring skin!
"Oh great - my skin is wet - now it won't hold!" 

Have you asked yourself questions like this?

If your skin isn't working properly, it could be due to a number of reasons. There is no special magic cure for all "skin issues" - especially in certain snow conditions, certain problems are also hard to prevent. However, if you take care of your skins, you can prevent clogging or, for example, the skins getting wet, achieve optimal function of the skins and even increase the lifespan of the climbing skins. How this works exactly and which products help you, you will learn in this article.

Why Green Line?

Those who carefully care for their ski skins will be rewarded with optimal function and a long service life. You want to care for your ski touring skin in an environmentally conscious way? With the Kohla Green Lineproducts you can now naturally clean and impregnate your climbing skin. The Green Linecurrently includes five products for environmentally conscious skin care. They are all biodegradable and safe for the environment - thus a "must-have" for every environmentally conscious ski tourer.

The products

The Green Line includes five different products. In this story you will learn what they are used for and how to use them correctly.

KOHLA Skin wax & Impregnation Frontansicht


The Skin wax & Impregnation makes the skins faster and prevents clogging. Pollen is the annoying sticking of the snow on the fur. This can happen, for example, when the fur is wet - the impregnation wears off.
Now for the application: Shake the bottle briefly before use. Next, you can start spraying - apply the impregnation agent to the entire surface of the coat. Now the coat must dry for about 12 hours at room temperature and it is ready again for the next tour.

KOHLA Skin & Ski Base Cleaner Frontansicht


 The Skin & Ski Base Cleaner is a universal cleaner for ski skins as well as ski bases. How to use: Shake the bottle well before use. Then spray the cleaner onto the skin or ski base - not too close, keep a distance of approx. 15 cm. 
Spray the entire coat or base from front to back. As a final step, wipe again with a dry cloth (cotton) from front to back. Now your coat is cleaned and ready for immediate use

KOHLA Anti Snow Frontansicht

Anti Snow

The Anti Snow is a care product for ski touring skis and ski touring boots. It is used to reduce snow adhesion to the surfaces. Thus, unnecessary extra weight due to snow sticking is avoided. The application is very easy. With the integrated sponge on the bottle, the Anti Snow can be easily applied to skis and ski boots. The whole thing must then dry for an hour at room temperature - then polish briefly with a cotton cloth and you're ready to go.

KOHLA Skin wax Frontansicht

Skin wax

 The skin wax is a real natural wax, which protects the coat hair from moisture and at the same time maintains the coat structure. Among other things, this also increases the gliding properties of your climbing fur. To use, rub the wax onto the coat - for longer durability you can also iron it in at low temperature and little pressure (60°C - 80°C).

KOHLA Skin wax TO GO Stick Frontansicht

Skin wax "to go"

The Skin wax "to go" is also a natural wax. In the practical packaging it is the ideal companion and sometimes the "rescue" for coat problems on the road. You can also rub the wax onto the coat to prevent puffing and for better gliding.

KOHLA Greenline Logo Fellpflege


The Kohla Green Line products are an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional coat care products and help you solve certain coat problems. Our mountains are close to our hearts, and for this reason we have researched and tinkered in a joint project with the UNI Innsbruck. The result is the Greenline, care products that every environmentally conscious ski tourer can use without a guilty conscience. 

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