Kohla Tirol stands for a long tradition of quality and passion. Backpacks and climbing skins, as well as other mountain sports articles, have been developed and manufactured here in Innsbruck in the heart of the Alps since 1932.

Even when the company was founded in 1932 by Max Kohla, Kohla focused on high-quality mountain sports articles "Made in Tyrol". This has not changed to this day. The connection to the homeland is still decisive for the Kohla brand today, in order to keep quality and added value equally high.

In 2003, Kohla was taken over by the Span family from the Stubaital. Since then, Kohla has been working with 25 employees with even more passion. More than 80 percent of the products are developed, tested and manufactured in the Tyrolean mountains. To make this philosophy visible, we have created the "Brutal Local" label: Items that have at least 90 per cent added value in Austria, a 100 per cent traceable supply chain, the highest production standards and guarantee full-time, year-round jobs are allowed to carry this label.

Our range comprises two main categories: Backpacks and climbing skins. In addition, however, we also produce hiking poles, gaiters, traditional hunter's rucksacks or the original Kohla "Figl" Firn-gliders. The constantly growing backpack collection is divided into the categories Alpine/Ski Touring, Hiking and Kids. Innovative features and proven cuts are the cornerstones that guarantee great mountain experiences. Kohla climbing skins are also developed, tested and produced in our home region of Tyrol. The high-quality range, which has grown over the years, offers an enormously wide selection of products that deliver the best performance for ski touring beginners as well as the absolute elite.

Sustainability is a concern for us and has always been an important aspect of the Kohla brand. This applies to both environmental and social standards in the production chain and in the company itself. We mainly work with local companies and these local suppliers ensure the availability of goods and guarantee short and fast decision-making and transport routes. In this way, we think about tomorrow and make the Tyrolean contribution to sustainability.

In order to make this philosophy visible in our products, we set ourselves goals in all areas and take into account both environmental and social issues. We have already been able to successfully implement a number of projects:

May we introduce? This is the Kohla Green Line - environmentally conscious and sustainable. Our Greenline products are made of biodegradable materials and come very close to conventional care products in terms of performance. The big difference, however, is that they are harmless to the environment. Our mountains are close to our hearts, and for this reason we have done research and developed in a joint project with the UNI Innsbruck. The result is the Greenline, care products that every environmentally conscious ski tourer can use without a guilty conscience. The Green Line contains four different products. The Skin Impregnation care product is an ideal wax for all ski touring skins and skin skis. The ski wax makes the skins faster and prevents glopping. The Skin & Ski Base Cleaner is a universal cleaner for ski skins and bases. The Anti Snow can be applied to the ski surface and the ski touring boot. This reduces snow adhesion and the snow does not stick to the ski surface. The fourth product in the Green Line is Skin wax. It is rubbed on over the entire surface to prevent glopping.

Our spare parts are suitable for all Kohla products and guarantee the highest quality. We promise a multi-year spare parts guarantee to ensure years of use of the products. Our environmental awareness is reflected in the regionality of the article production, as well as decades of experience in the field of mountain sports, and also in the new packaging. With the new environmentally friendly packaging of the Kohla Spare Parts, which is made of 100% recycled paper, we are making a contribution, as this saves us around 8,000 plastic packages per year. The redesigned Kohla Skin Box is also made from recycled cardboard. The packaging dimensions have been reduced to the smallest possible dimensions in order to achieve the smallest possible packing size and to be even more resource-friendly.

The use of the latest laser technology not only saves production time but also energy. The pursuit of a zero-defect strategy and optimal use of raw materials contribute to resource-saving production. Economical - efficient - precise.

Especially in difficult times, new food for thought is important. We think a lot about how we can continue to make sustainability visible and live it. Our heart beats for the brutal local love of mountain sports - of nature. Of course, implementation is not always easy, but it is our passion to implement customer requirements and innovations while always remaining regional, genuine and fair, as well as continuing to follow the Tyrolean way.