Skin finder - find your perfect skin!

When buying a skin, it is important to know what area you are in and what kind of ski you have.
The right choice of skin is very important for you to enjoy a ski tour to the fullest.
So which skin is right for you? We have listed the Kohla skin categories for you here

KOHLA Alpinist Steigefell orange


I'm very experienced and I'm on the trail in all weathers, I like high alpine tours best - and usually all day, one peak after the other, that's fun for me.

That is a clear case for the Alpinist skin. Our Alpinist skin is for all those who are off-piste and especially for alpine high-altitude tours. The pure mohair fur ensures the best climbing and gliding properties, even on particularly cold days. The so-called Fiberseal technology offers a waterproof skin structure, which completely prevents water absorption and makes the skin robust as well as offering great shape stability. The Smart Glue adhesive layer ensures quick and easy skinning. 

(Available as cut-to-size skin, universal skin and splitboard).

KOHLA Vertical Fell am Berg


I always walk the same route. In the evening on a floodlit slope, 800 metres in altitude are enough. Afterwards, a drink at the hut - that's my thing. Sometimes I also venture out into the alpine terrain.

Here we recommend the Vertical skin. Vertical is the all-rounder among skins. Whether on the slopes or in the backcountry, the mohair-nylon mix (Mixmohair) ensures a safe and comfortable ascent and convinces with high durability. The Fiberseal technology also has a 100% water-repellent effect and keeps the coat dry. The Smart Glue has been specially developed for cold temperatures and is also used on this coat. This means that the coat has a perfect hold, even if it is put on and taken off several times.  (Available as cut-to-size skin and universal skin)

KOHLA Steigfell vertical woman rosa

Vertical wmn

 I'm a real powder girl - piste or off-piste - I like it both ways.

Our pink Woman Edition with  Smart Glue is for all our pow(d)er girls.  The skin also has the same features and characteristics as the Vertical skin. Slope, terrain or both in combination - with the Vertical almost everything is possible. Durable Mixmohair and high abrasion resistance ensure a perfect grip and make the skin extremely durable. No slipping, no quick wear but a safe and comfortable ascent! The KOHLA Fiberseal technology is also 100% water repellent - the skin stays dry. "Smart Glue", a state-of-the-art adhesive, ensures easy handling and easy detachment of the skins. (Available as cut-to-size skin and universal skin)

KOHLA Freeride Steigfell abfellen am Berg


Climbing is a necessary evil for me - I enjoy the descent all the more with my freeride skis. On good days, I also go up short ascents two or three times.

On the slope, but especially on fresh new snow, the freeride ski touring skin made of Mixmohair is ideal. The state-of-the-art Fiberseal technology ensures a thin, robust and 100% waterproof skin. Maximum flexibility is also provided by the Smart Glue used in the Freeride, which has been specially adapted to low temperatures. The KOHLA Freeride is suitable for a wide range of ski types, including very wide skis with 135mm excess width. The specially developed mounting system (butterfly) also allows the use of twin tip skis. (Available as cut-to-size skin, universal skin and splitboard skin).

KOHLA Steigfell abfellen

Freeride AIR

For me, the focus is on the descent - I don't mind two or three short ascents. Is there a lightweight skin for me to save even more weight?

The Freeride AIR differs from the normal Freeride in the pile technology. The so-called "Line" technology ensures a thin and even lighter skin structure. Less weight makes for a smaller pack size and therefore fits perfectly in the ski touring backpack. High-quality, robust mix mohair makes this a durable skin variant with optimal gliding performance.  Smart Glue is used as the adhesive layer. (Available as a cut-to-size skin and universal skin).

KOHLA Kinder Skitourenfell

Freeride AIR Kids

My child wants to go ski touring with me. Are there special skins for kids?

Early practice makes perfect and that's why our FREERIDE AIR skin variant is also available in a perfectly adapted children's version: The ski all-rounder made of Mixmohair is suitable for any terrain and any type of snow and guarantees a safe ascent with optimal grip and gliding properties. At the same time, we ensure maximum grip with minimum weight: thanks to the newly developed "Line" fur pile technology, this version is lighter and thinner. Thus the FREERIDE AIR KIDS convinces with easy transport, absolute robustness and "easy handling". The ski skin variant for kids is not only suitable for all terrains, but also adapts perfectly to the ski types of the youngest. Available in 120 mm width and adapted to the lengths of children's touring skis, with its low weight it is perfect for all those who want to start early!

KOHLA Race Steigfell im Schnee



Sometimes it's the speed that counts! That's why, for races or sporty ski tours, you need a skin that offers extra speed. RACE is made of 100% mohair with our own wax finish and is equipped with the Smart Glue adhesive layer for lightning-fast mounting and dismounting! Thanks to the Fiberseal technology, the skins do not absorb water, which means that the weight remains constantly low and nothing stands in the way of a lightning-fast ascent. The laser-cut edges of the RACE additionally promote the gliding properties of the skin and prevent unintentional braking. The RACE Loop front tensioning system is not only light, but also easily adjustable and thus individually adaptable for use on the ski. With RACE you will reach your destination even faster!

KOHLA Skitourenfell abziehen


I ski a lot on glaciers, in open terrain as well as on pistes. I need a robust skin that sticks extremely well to the ski.

The Peak series was developed for frequent use. The focus is on a balanced combination of gliding and climbing properties. This skin is recommended for all those who frequently undertake slope tours or those who are on the move on glaciers. The reason for this is that the robustness as well as the abrasion of the mixed fibres (in contrast to pure mohair) are better. The hotmelt glue provides a particularly strong hold. (Available as cut-to-size skin, universal skin and splitboard)

KOHLA Steigfell schwarz

Skin Variants


Universal skin: You have a twin tip ski with rounded ski ends? Then there is an adapted solution. In this case Kohla supplies the Universal climbing skins with Multi-Clip system. The skin is shortened and cut to the right length with the help of a template and the Elastic Strap is fixed. Cut-to-size skin: Are you looking for a skin for your classic ski touring ski? Then you will find what you are looking for in the typical cut-to-size skin. All "normal" ski touring skins are virtually cut-to-size skins. Have you decided on a skin? Then choose your length (see Skinfinder). The skin then only needs to be cut to the width of your ski. You can find videos on how to do this in the product section. Splitboard skin: Is your splitboard still waiting for a skin? Kohla offers you three different skins as splitboard versions. The skin in the asymmetrically cut splitboard shape with sewn-on bow holder and mounted T-Bar 85 is adapted to the most common splitboard shapes. The included butterfly system allows flexible length adjustment in the range of 150 - 177 cm. The different versions (Alpinist, Freeride, Peak) developed for different terrains and temperatures leave nothing to be desired.

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