KOHLA Splitboard Skins

The asymmetrically cut climbing skins for splitboards are available in different types of skins, depending on the terrain you want to ride. Whether used exclusively in high alpine terrain or definitely also on the slopes, KOHLA offers the right skin.

Our splitboard touring skins come with fixed stirrup mounts and pre-mounted T-bars, and are fully flexible in length adjustment.

 How splitboard skins are cut correctly and what you should pay attention to when caring for the skins, you can learn in our Mountain Moments blog or in the service videos.

KOHLA Splitboardfell am Board

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The KOHLA Greenline - the eco-friendly skin care system

KOHLA Greenline Pflege für Steigfelle

Skin care

The skin puffs up (snow sticks to the coat), doesn't glide so well anymore, is dirty? It is time to care for the coat! Here the Kohla Greenline coat care products can help and solve any problems.

The KOHLA Greenline line consists of environmentally conscious, sustainable and biodegradable care products for climbing skins. The Green Line includes four different products.

Skin Impregnation: ideal wax for all ski touring skins and fell skis, the ski wax makes the skins faster and prevents clogging Ski Base Cleaner: universal cleaner for ski skins and bases Anti Snow: can be applied to the ski surface and ski touring boot, it reduces snow adhesion - snow does not stick to the ski surface. Skin wax: is rubbed over the entire surface to prevent tarnishing New coating If the adhesion layer or glue of the skin is patchy, dirty or otherwise damaged, it can be recoated.
Many retailers are happy to provide this service, but transfer tape for recoating can also be ordered from the KOHLA online store. Detailed instructions can be found directly with the product "Transfer tape" as well as in the service videos.

KOHLA Greenline eco-friendly skin care


KOHLA Peak Steigfell am Ski

KOHLA climbing skins for splitboards

Splitboards are boards that can be divided lengthwise to form a snowboard. The board is split in half and with a special binding a snowboarder can also go ski touring. For downhill skiing the board is put together. For these special boards KOHLA offers ski touring skins, which are specially asymmetrically cut. User and area of application Kohla offers three different skins in the splitboard range: 

  • Alpinist 
  • Freeride 
  • Peak


No peak high enough. Then the ALPINIST is exactly your skin. This skin is suitable for alpine ski touring in the high mountains, off-piste.


Maximum freedom for your ski tours. With the Freeride you experience ski touring in open terrain, the slopes or both in combination. 


The Kohla PEAK climbing skin is the classic of the KOHLA collection. Whether on the slopes or off-piste, the PEAK won't let you down.

Base material 


The Kohla Fiberseal technology is used for this fur. Velour made of pure mohair as well as the waterproof base material give this skin perfect grip and optimal climbing properties. 


The FREERIDE climbing skin is also equipped with Fiberseal technology, but it is made of Mixmohair material, which enables off-piste and on-piste touring. 


The PEAK climbing skin is made of Mixmohair, the basic layer system is made of the proven cotton-polyester. The material is very robust and has a good balance between flexibility and stiffness.

Adhesive layer


The Smart Glue is used as an adhesive layer of the ALPINIST climbing skin. Easy handling as well as the use at low temperatures down to -30 degrees are the characteristics of this glue. Freeride The Smart Glue is also used here as an adhesive layer.


The PEAK is equipped with the proven hotmelt adhesive. 

Tensioning system

The splitboard skins are available as universal variants, here the multi-clip system is supplied. The KOHLA fastening system with T-Bar 85 is mounted on the tip of the skin. The skin end must be cut to fit the board using a template according to the instructions. The Elastic Strap is hammered in and fixed. The skin is then attached to the end of the board using the butterfly.

Use of the splitboard skins

Splitboard skins are highly technical products. To experience an uncompromising use of the skins must also be observed a few points. In our product videos, stories and FAQs you will find more interesting facts and explanations about care, storage, etc.

During the splitboard touring

Tips for during the ski tour with your splitboard:
  • Intermittently check the tensioning system during the ascent, readjust if necessary.
  • Put on the protective foil when taking off the skins. (For Alpinist and Freeride with Smart Glue adhesive layer this is not mandatory. With Peak skins, a release liner must be used in any case because of the hotmelt adhesive!) 

After the tour

After the tour it is very important to dry the splitboard skins rolled out in a well ventilated room. Do not dry on heaters or ovens. This can severely damage the mohair/mixed mohair and the adhesive layer.