Let's Figl - the traditional firn gliding in springtime

Let's Figl - the traditional firn gliding in springtime!

Spring is just around the corner, the temperatures are rising and with it the conditions on the mountain are changing. During the day the strong spring sun shines and melts the snow up to the high mountains. At night, temperatures are still below freezing and the snow solidifies again. The constant alternation of thawing and refreezing of the top layer of snow then creates the so-called "firn", which makes skiing in spring so special.

Strictly speaking, firn refers to the actual old snow that has persevered for a summer in high mountain areas. Thus, the term "firni" comes from Old High German and means "previous year". So when the ski resorts close in many places now, the Figl season starts at the same time! Especially here on the Innsbruck Nordkette, the Figl-Gaudi is celebrated from April. Fun for young and old!

What are Figl?

Figl is the charming Tyrolean abbreviation for firn gliders. The ski-like plates are much shorter and wider than normal skis. Our KOHLA Figl made of aluminum are extra light and offer optimal gliding performance in soft firn. The Figl are optionally equipped with two different bindings. On the one hand a plate binding for ski boots, ski touring boots or crampon resistant boots and on the other hand with the traditional universal binding made of leather, which is compatible with any fixed mountain boot.
The KOHLA Figl have always been manufactured by us in Innsbruck and are classic in red. For some of our customers, above all Sport Gamshammer and the stock exchange in Innsbruck, we manufacture the Firngleiter additionally in a particularly selected color pallet.

What is Figln?

You don't have to be a good skier to have fun on the mountain with Figl. The technique is quickly learned and with a little practice almost anyone can figln. In contrast to classic skiing, where the side edges are used, with snow gliding you shift your weight from the back to the front. To accelerate, simply lean forward; to decelerate, press your heels into the soft snow. Ski poles are not usually needed.

How to Figl?

Steep southern slopes with soft snow provide the optimal conditions for our KOHLA Figl. Especially as a descent aid for mountaineers and hikers serve firn gliders to get comfortably and quickly as far as possible into the valley. Then, when touring skis are no longer the optimal choice because continuous snow cover is no longer a given.
Away from mountaineering, Figl are used as fun sports equipment. For example, people traditionally meet "zum figln" on Innsbruck's Nordkette. "From the cirque to the Seegrube" is the motto for the brave!
Since the 60ies competitions on sporty level take place nationally as well as internationally. Since 1990 Figln has been officially recognized as a sport in Austria and has been developed suggestively. But the original way of Figln has remained.

You always wanted to try figln?

Then take the chance now, because on Friday April 8 & Saturday April 9, 2022 the KOHLA Figl Test Days will take place in cooperation with the Innsbruck Nordkettenbahnen at the Seegrube.
So go ahead and try it out.
We are looking forward to your visit!

Historical background

The firn glider originated at the Achensee. The engineer and artist Emo Henrich was tired of gliding down the mountain in the spring on the soles of his shoes, so the idea for today's Figl was born. In 1946, the enthusiastic mountaineer tinkered and fiddled with the first prototypes of the firn glider made of wood. A patent application was filed in the same year. Due to various events Eno Henrich was not able to keep the patent rights and so the patent protection expired. Various trolley masters in the Innsbruck area continued to produce small numbers for regional needs.
In the 1970s, the Figl was added to KOHLA's product range and since then it has become indispensable. We still produce our KOHLA Firngleiter on site in Innsbruck.

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