Hikining- & Trekking poles

Hiking with poles?

KOHLA has been developing telescopic poles since the 1970s and revolutionized pole construction by using aluminum. Extra light they should be and stable, quickly adjustable and easy to store - our KOHLA hiking and trekking poles are developed according to the respective requirements for summer and winter.

Poles relieve joints and leg muscles and give you grip when the terrain is uneven. When carrying heavy loads or even children in the carrier, poles provide the necessary stability.

Best performance and high-quality materials are at the top of the list when it comes to new products. For instance, CALU-TECH - a combination of carbon and aluminum is our first choice for the VERTICAL PRO and ALPINIST poles. The particularly robust and shock-resistant aluminum zinc alloy 7075 ALUTech is used for our pole models ACTIVE and TRACK.



colors: dresden blue / caviar


colors: caviar / red orange
colors: florida keys / caviar

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