Since KOHLA was founded over 90 years ago in Innsbruck, the brand has stood for mountain sports equipment "Made in Tyrol". This has not changed until today. Our brand and also we as employees are strongly rooted in the Tyrolean mountains and it is a great concern for us to work sustainably and future-oriented in all areas of our company.
To give you a little insight behind the scenes, today's blog post is not about advice or news, but about our skin production on site in beautiful Innsbruck. Yes, you heard right, all KOHLA ski skins are produced here in Tyrol.

1. The KOHLA skin production

In our production in Innsbruck, our skins are cut using the latest laser technology. This saves energy and production time. We work in such a resource-saving way because we can make optimal use of our raw materials. Depending on the skin, different backing materials and glueing technologies are used. 

Our well-known KOHLA Clamping System - the tip system is sewn by hand and the standard hanger is used. Freshly sewn, the skins are packed into the KOHLA skin bag after quality control with separating foil, cutter, templates and manual.


You can read more about our KOHLA tip system in this blog post.

2. KOHLA packaging

Our packaging for climbing skins and all spare parts are made from 100% recycled cardboard. The packaging dimensions have been reduced to the minimum dimensions in order to achieve the smallest possible packing size. In order to be more resource-friendly here as well, we have our packaging printed right in the neighboring town of Hall in Tyrol.

KOHLA Insight:

We have been a proud partner of Lebenshilfe Tirol for over ten years. They pack a large share of KOHLA Spare Parts for us in their workplace in the Stubaital.
KOHLA Brutal Local Logo

3. Brutal Local - KOHLA Seal of Quality

Where Tyrol is on it, Tyrol should be in it. This is the idea behind our "Brutal Local" seal of quality. After all, over 80 percent of our products are developed, tested and manufactured here in Tyrol
The following criteria must be met by a KOHLA product in order to carry the "Brutal Local" seal of quality:
  •  90% added value in Austria
  • 100% traceable supply chain
  • highest product standards
  • 365-day availability of goods (VOS)
  • As well as year-round jobs on a full-time basis as a basis.

KOHLA Insight:

Not only our skins are manufactured here in Innsbruck, also our traditional Figl are 100% "Made in Tyrol".

KOHLA BRUTAL LOCAL products - "Made in Tirol"

Width: 120mm