Meet the team - Part II!

Since KOHLA was founded over 90 years ago here in Innsbruck, the brand has stood for mountain sports equipment "Made in Tyrol". This has not changed until today. Our brand and also we as employees are strongly rooted in the Tyrolean mountains and it is a great concern for us to work sustainably and future-oriented in all areas of our company.
To give you a little insight behind the scenes, today's blog post is not about advice or news, but about our skin production on site in beautiful Innsbruck. Yes, you heard right, all KOHLA ski skins are produced here in Tyrol.

Daniel Stern

Product Management

"Does he develop the products for himself - we think he does!" Our man behind the scenes is our product developer Daniel. He is a passionate alpinist, summer and winter. He sometimes takes a day off during the week to climb the Großvendiger with his friends and at the end of the day he collects a few meters of altitude with his touring skis in winter. He knows what is important and what our customers expect from our products. Together with his "product test team" he is always working on new ideas to improve our KOHLA range.

To do this, he sometimes flies around the world and visits our manufacturers in the Far East, sits in countless meetings with ski manufacturers and works with our graphic designer Philipp on new backpack designs.

3-Facts aboutDaniel:

Student life!

Life would be boring, so Daniel is studying part-time and doing his Master of Engineering on the side.

Top Model!

Daniel's nickname is often "The Face of KOHLA". He can be seen on almost every image picture. He is a mountain sportsman through and through - it could hardly be more authentic!

Radio Tirol - ein Muss!

His favorite radio station is Radio Tirol. What can we say, his connection to his homeland can't be surpassed.

KOHLA BRUTAL LOCAL products - "Made in Tirol"