The mountain summer is here and you are planning your next hike, but do not know what you should or must take with you? We show you what belongs in your hiking backpack and also tell you what you can safely do without.

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1. What does the weather forecast say

What will the weather be like? 

Ask yourself this question before you start packing your backpack. If the forecasts are uncertain, it's better to go for rain gear if you're in doubt. But even if the weather forecasts look very good, remember that the weather in the mountains is much more unpredictable. On the most beautiful summer day, it is not uncommon for thunderstorms to form within a few minutes, often accompanied by considerable amounts of precipitation, without it having been predicted that way. 
Therefore: A rain protection - whether rain jacket with tiny pack size or a quickly thrown over rain poncho always belong in the luggage. 

2. First aid kit and bivy sack

The same applies to a small first aid kit that belongs in the backpack on every tour, whether it's an easy hike, a challenging via ferrata or an extended high-altitude tour. They take up little space and are very useful in an emergency. Also a bivy sack should not be missing, which can save lives especially on tours in the Alps. In a separate article we show you again what all belongs in the first aid kit and how to handle it. 

 3. Less is more

 What you have to, should and/or can pack in your hiking backpack is of course dependent on a number of factors. The Kohla packing list for a day hike is primarily optimized so that you don't have anything with you that is unnecessary. Unnecessary does not mean that something is useless, but that it is not absolutely necessary on your tour, hike, mountain climb. In the backpack packing list you will only find things that absolutely belong to it and with this we want to save one thing above all: weight. 

Because especially if you are on a day hike in the mountains with many meters of altitude on the way, you will be grateful for every gram saved in the hiking backpack, because it makes the climb immensely easier if you do not have to carry something that you actually do not need. Therefore, when packing the backpack for a day trip: less is more. 

4. Packing list for a day hike

Basics - if the weather forecast is good 

  • Hiking backpack - with a volume of up to approx. 25 l you will be fine.  
  • Hiking boots - Whether classic mountain boots, light hiking boots or brisk trail runners is up to you.   
  • 2x functional shirt - One to wear, one to change. The selection is now huge. The important thing is that it dries quickly. Both synthetic fiber shirts and functional shirts made of merino wool serve this purpose very well.   
  • Insulation layer - e.g. classic softshell jacket made of fleece, merino or synthetic fiber.  Windbreaker or light rain jacket - The windbreaker should at least be water repellent to withstand a short shower.  
  • Trekking pants - If you're going up high, it's better to go for long pants, because even in summer it can quickly get chilly. Alternatively, you can also take hiking pants with zip-off legs. 
  • Hiking socks - Good shoes need just as good socks, otherwise blisters threaten.  
  • Rain poncho - Costs a fraction of a Gore-Tex jacket, weighs almost nothing, and keeps you mostly dry.  

Additional equipment in case of less good forecast 

  • Jacket with down or Primaloft filling that warms quickly. 
  • Hardshell jacket - With a hardshell jacket you are safe even from larger amounts of precipitation. 
  • Rain pants / hardshell pants - If the forecast promises a lot of rain, you'll stay dry underneath. Hat - A cold wind on the ridge, unexpected snowfall in August. It has all happened before. 
  • Gloves - See beanie.   


  • Telescopic poles - Makes the ascent and descent easier.  
  • Sunglasses  Headlamp - Especially when the days get shorter in late summer and fall.  
  • Grödel - Grödel are strapped over the shoes and simplify walking in snow or icy terrain. Especially when old snow fields are expected in the spring - sometimes into the summer.  
  • Gaiters - See Grödel 


  • Map - analog or digital 
  • Compass (optional - integrated in almost every smartphone) 

First aid 

  • First aid kit  
  • Blister plaster  
  • Handkerchiefs  
  • Sunscreen  
  • Lip balm  
  • Rescue blanket  
  • Bivy sack 


Smartphone - optional: extra battery & cable Camera - if you like to take pictures and the smartphone is not enough for you. Garbage bag - to pack your own and other people's garbage Identity cardAlpine Club ID card Cash - That you can pay on a hut with card, is rather the exception. 

Provisions on the day hike

Water - at least 2 liters/5 hcereal bar - 1 bar/1 hdried fruit or similar

 You will definitely not need

  •  Your favorite cuddly toy (our Happy 10 l backpack comes with it anyway)
  • Gas stove, canned ravioli and a pot set - you want to go to a mountain after all, not a festival. 
  • What else?

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