Figl with Plate Binding

Adventures for young and old!
The traditional Kohla "Figls" consist of a premium powder-coated aluminum profile. The short length of the Figls allows for abrupt braking and accelerating and thus makes them perfect for everyone looking for fun, action, and a special experience. The history of the traditional figlsport has its origin in 1930. For ages, and still now the production of the figl is in the stubay valley. We´re proud to decorate this article with our sustainable award "brutal local"

Material: 100% aluminium powdercoated
  • Figl mit Plattenbindung
  • Für Schuhgröße 36-44 empfohlen
  • Gewicht mit Plattenbindung: 1135 g
  • Hochwertiges Aluminiumprofil
  • Hauseigene Pulverbeschichtung

Figl with Plate Binding

Product number: 5504-01


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