Freeride AIR Kids Mixmohair

The skin for more freedom.
Freeride 135mm / Smart Glue

On newly groomed slopes, fresh snow, or a mixture of both – with the FREERIDE skin, freedom is in your hands. The premium Mixmohair is suitable for every kind of terrain and all types of snow, offers longevity and the perfect grip – even for multiple ascents.
FREERIDE does not only stand for maximum freedom, but also for a state-of-the-art skin structure: The newly developed KOHLA Fiberseal Technology provides for a thin and yet very robust and completely waterproof skin that fits into every touring backpack thanks to its small pack size.
Maximum flexibility is also provided by the “Smart Glue” used in FREERIDE skins – a newly developed, state-of-the-art adhesive that guarantees easy handling and easy removal of the skins, even when putting them on and off repeatedly.
In addition, these skins are not only suitable for all kinds of snow, but also for a wide variety of ski types. FREERIDE is also available in extra width (135 mm) for your powder planks! Especially developed add-on parts also allow the usage for twin-tip skis. Maximum freedom for your ski tours!

Material: 65% Mohair 35% Nylon
Width: 120mm
Features: Certfied Freeride Mixmohair
New Smart Glue
Waterproof skin construction
High-precision laser cutting
Application range up to -30°C
K-Clip spring back attachment
Easy length adjustment with elastic strap
Plastic parts  made of the top-quality materials
Inclusive T-Bar 85 (changeable)
Customizable fastening systems

Skinfinder: Find your climbing skin size

How to choose the right skin

Alpinist Vertical Vertical WMN Freeride
Freeride Air Kids
100% Mohair Mixmohair Mixmohair Mixmohair Mixmohair
Fiberseal Fiberseal Fiberseal Fiberseal Cotton
Smart Glue Smart Glue / Vacuum Smart Glue Smart Glue Hotmelt
130 mm Width 120 / 130 mm Width 135 mm Width 135 mm Width 120 /135 mm Width
  1. Measure actual ski length
  2. Measure the width of the front ski tip
  3. Select the right skin in the table (For the right skin length: ski length -1cm)
ski length (cm) skin length (cm) width
up to 120 mm up to 130 mm up to 135 mm
142 - 148 142 VerticalPeak
149 - 155 149 VerticalVertical WMNPeak Alpinist FreerideFreeride AirPeak
156 - 162 156 VerticalVertical WMNPeak Alpinist FreerideFreeride AirPeak
163 - 169 163 VerticalVertical WMNPeak Alpinist FreerideFreeride AirPeak
170 - 176 170 VerticalVertical WMNPeak Alpinist FreerideFreeride AirPeak
177 - 183 177 VerticalVertical WMNPeak Alpinist FreerideFreeride AirPeak
184 - 190 184 VerticalVertical WMNPeak Alpinist FreerideFreeride AirPeak
191 - 197 191 Alpinist FreerideFreeride AirPeak
Freeride Air Kids
ski length (cm) skin length (cm)
Mixmohair 125 - 134 cm 125
Fiberseal 135 - 144 cm 135
Smart Glue 145 - 154 cm 145
120 mm Width 155 - 164 cm 155

Freeride AIR Kids Mixmohair

Product number: 1608K01FAS,11,145
Width: 120mm


Available, delivery time 2-5 Tage

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