Vertical Pro Woman skitouring pole

The Vertical Pro woman touring pole is stable thanks to the robust Calu construction and at the same time super light, making it the perfect choice for all pow(d)er girls. The Kohla Pure Grip L with its practical handle extension for frequent grip changes, as well as the uncompromising locking system Ever Lock System, present themselves as the ideal combination of safety and comfort.

  • category: Skitouring
  • material: CALU® TECH
  • grip: KOHLA Pure Grip L
  • closure system: KOHLA Ever Lock
  • packing size: 88 cm
  • size: 105-140 cm
  • weight: 205 g / pole

Vertical Pro Woman skitouring pole

Product number: 80401-0502


Currently not available!

Die Vertical Serie

colors: sulphur spring / grey
colors: Bleached Mauve

Width: 130mm